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Pay Add Url


  • 付費登錄,優價惠僅需NT$2,000元 / 年。
  • 快速審核,48小時內馬上刊登上。
  • 審核若未通過,將全額退費。

Free Add Url

Free Add Url
  • Completely non-charge register!
  • Your website must put a link to《B2B Manufacturers Directory》
  • No guarantee examination time
  • After verifying, we will use E-mail to reply you that your submission is successful or not.

* Submission Guidelines:

  • Please choose your category carefully. If you submit a site to an inappropriate category, your submission will be automatically rejected upon review.
  • Write explicit website assumption: please write a clear and short description to explain your product or service.
  • Submit only your domain, not internal pages. Do not submit mirror or duplicated sites.
  • Do not submit sties that are under construction.
  • Submit websites includes English. (or offering English content)
  • The website must work constantly.
  • Do not submit websites created only for displaying advertisements.
  • We have right to edit your content.
  • We have right to refuse your website application.

Pay Add Url - $2,000/year(Remittance or transfer)

Free Add Url - Need Set Reciprocal link

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