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Taiwan Bicycle Exporters' Association 

Based on more and more competitors in this industry, we establish this association to help Taiwanese bicycle companies. This association assists our members to join each bicycle exhibition, coordinate the trade problems, offer Taiwanese bicycle information, encourage our members to innovate bicycle function and so on.

Cycling & Health Tech Industry R&D Center 

For promoting high quality automobile bicycle, this center integrates the industry sources to develop a lot of bicycles with different functions. And then, we help related companies and associations to research and industry alliance.

Taiwan Cyclist Federation 

Because riding bicycle has become a tread, we hope our government could plan several riding competitions and routes. We think these competitions and activities could enhance Taiwanese riding competitions quality.

Cycling Life-Style Foundation 

For promoting bicycle riding, the Giant Company established this foundation. The Cycling Life-Style Foundation specializes in improving bicycle-riding environment and routes. We hope more and more customers could join us.