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Taiwan Aerospace Industry Association 

With all these policies tools, Taiwan's aerospace manufacturers have expanded their business from traditional machining, such as airframe structure, engine component, and aircraft interior, etc. to high-tech products such as avionics and satellite communications, etc. In addition, great progress has also been made in international investment, risk-sharing projects, aircraft repair and maintenance and aircraft leasing businesses.

Taiwan Automotive International Forum & Exhibition 

This vehicle platform exhibits three major systems and components developed by Taiwan Automotive Research Consortium (TARC), including safety, chassis and clean energy-related systems. The safety system contains car-imaging system integration platform, image safety warning system for CVO, fingerprint recognition keyless (FPR Keyless) and so on. The chassis system includes electrical-hydraulic braking system simulation platform, adaptive damping system, etc. And, the hybrid powertrain system, intelligent personal mobility, and LED headlamp technique research and development are included in clean energy system.

Taiwan Electrical and Electronic Manufacturers Association 

Established in 1948, TEEMA serves the interests of Taiwanese electrical and electronics industries and provides a point of liaison for this industry, customers and government. The features of TEEMA contain a lot of professional, high-tech and important industrial associations, and analysis the production value of Taiwanese electrical and electronic industries. TEEMA is the first Taiwanese manufactures association which having ISO 9001:2000 certification. Please browse our website. You will get more Taiwanese electrical and electronic information.

Taiwan Transportation Vehicle Manufacturers Association 

During the early days of Taiwanese restoration when the Association started its operation, everything had been laid waste and in urgent need of construction. The members were only including about 20 small processing factories and parts manufacturers. In the wake of the rapid development of domestic economy and gradual improvement of people's living standards, new types of factories have grown to the present level of about 600. In the meantime, the quality of products has also come to par with the standards of advanced countries. This reflects the prosperity of Taiwanese vehicle industry. The objective of this association are coordinating the relationship between fellow manufacturers, promoting the common benefits of member companies, upgrading the technology of industry and enhancing the international Competitiveness.