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Agriculture and Food

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Agricultural Chemical Society of Taiwan [ Detail ]

This society has a lot of chemical and agricultural professors, and tries to research agricultural chemistry. We will hold speech related this industry and gain several professional papers and news for our members. Therefore, please join us.

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council 

Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) is the apex agricultural research organization at the national level. Its main objective is to strengthen Pakistan's agricultural research system, comprising the federal and provincial components.

Association of Equipment Manufacturers 

AEM membership is made up of more than 800 companies and represents a lot of product lines. AEM role is to provide trade association services on a global basis for companies that manufacture equipment worldwide in the following industries: Agriculture, Construction, Forestry, Mining and Utility.

Taiwan Formosa Organic Association 

Taiwan Formosa Organic Association is a non-profit association, and provides organic farming certification to all farmers.

Agriculture and Good Agency 

In order to carry on the duties of serving farmers and developing agricultural food industry, the Agency is divided into six divisions, such as planning, crop production, farm chemicals and machinery, marketing and processing, food industry, and food warehousing and transportation.

Taiwan Agriculture Information Center 

This website offers the latest Taiwanese agriculture and industrious information, such as agriculture organizations, trade, institutions. We hope this website could offer you useful information.

Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System 

For reducing the safe question of agriculture food, Taiwanese government establishes “Taiwan Agriculture and Food Traceability System”. This system contains Good Agriculture Practice (GAP) and Traceability. If you buy Taiwanese food having our mark, you can come to our website and will know this food how to grow.

Taiwan Association for Food Science and Technology